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The Intel® Speech Enabling Developer Kit with a commercial grade Intel Atom® SoC allows you to do the following:

  • Work with the qualified Amazon Alexa* Voice Service audio front end.
  • Explore additional design features made possible with the performance of Intel Atom® processors.
  • Smart home devices that can best leverage the features of this kit include those with large (8” or greater) displays, cameras, and a rich set of applications on top of the voice assistant, including capabilities such as video conferencing, computer vision, or hub functionality managing other devices in the home.

Apply for a Kit by Filling Out this Form:

OEMs, ODMs and System Integrators who are interested in developing advanced assistant devices in production volumes using Amazon Alexa* Voice Service should fill out this form to request a kit.

If you already work with Intel on other projects, please speak with your Intel business development contact about this new developer kit. Eligibility to this program is limited.

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