Essentials Series: Cloud Security

Welcome to the Intel® IT Center Essentials Series on Cloud Security

The Intel® IT Center Essentials Series is designed to deliver relevant information to help you understand the fundamentals of cloud security, develop step-by-step plans for upcoming projects, and decide on the best solutions for your business. All in a simple three-part e-mail series.

Here is what you can expect:

Part 1:

Putting cloud security in context. Cloud security challenges the traditional practice of a single point of control for the data center. Find out how your IT peers are addressing cloud security and learn the key elements to consider when planning security into your cloud environment.

Part 2:

A deeper view into cloud security technologies. See how hardware-based security can help you protect data and infrastructure and manage the risks of cloud security.

Part 3:

Dive into how Intel IT approaches cloud security. Our IT department faces many of the same cloud security challenges you do. Hear directly from Intel experts to gain behind-the-scenes insights.

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