Essentials Series: Big Data

Welcome to the Intel® IT Center Essentials Series on Big Data

The Intel® IT Center Essentials Series will bring you insight on the trends shaping big data, as well as detailed research and planning materials to help you put big data in context and tackle analytics projects to meet the needs of your business, all in a simple three-part e-mail series.

Here is what you can expect:

Part 1:

Putting big data in context. Get the fundamentals on big data, find out how your IT peers are tackling big data projects, and learn how you can use big data to deliver greater insight faster.

Part 2:

Valuable resources addressing the vital role Apache Hadoop* software plays in deriving meaning and value from unstructured data, with fresh insight from analytics experts.

Part 3:

A closer look at big data in action. Discover how your organization can turn raw data into business insight—and value—with the help of predictive analytics and near-real-time results.